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Hello, I'm Ruth and I live with my husband and three children on the tiny island of Bryher, the smallest inhabited isle of the Isles of Scilly. We run a small, diverse nature-friendly farm and getting outside to experience nature, to walk, write, sketch and wild swim have become essential tools for creativity and well-being. 

I have become increasingly aware and fascinated by the power of writing outdoors for improving well-being. How slowing down enough to observe and write about the world around me has wonderful benefits to my health. When you walk with a notebook and pencil in your hand, you feel like there is a friend walking with you, to hear your thoughts as they tumble in time to your steps. 

I have returned to painting after a period of time where career and family took energy and time, and it feels wonderful to be enjoying my artwork again.

I consider myself a "wild writer" partly because I love to write about the wild and challenging place in which I live, but also because I have no background in writing, no degree or career in creative writing or journalism.  I write from the heart simply because it feels good. Follow me on my writing journey, pick up your notebook and walk, paint or swim along with me.

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