Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Bryher being the tiny island in the Atlantic that it is, changeable weather is the normality. Sometimes it changes two or three times in one day, and certainly each day can be very different.

Yesturday was a day that started wet and grey, turning sunny later but with the weather forecast recording the wind to be 23 mph gusting 34 mph NW. Today’s forecast is 16 mph NNW and the sky is the brightest of cobolt blues.

This tells us very little though about the air and how it shapes our day.

As I sat on Great Par before my swim yesturday the wind was one minute blustery and boisterous, pushing against my skin and flinging my hair wildly, then as quickly as it came it died to a soft and slender breeze that was barely felt.

Every plant bends and dances to it’s will. It brings the sound of the sea, a roaring swell up north and the hissing lap on the shore. The salty smell of the sea is blown into your face.

It is the wind that blows grit into the eye and stinging sand against the skin.

On a windy day swimming in the sea is noisy and full of swirling sway and rolling wave. Inescapable sloshing and slapping, the surface always changing, ripple upon ripple, upon wave.

The light can be constantly altering as clouds are nudged along by the air, grey sea turns to glimmering green sea, turns to dappled grey again.

Today the only trace of that harsh air is the lunar landscape of sand sculptures and mini dunes that create a beautifully architectural ground.

Tiny pebbles and shells make amazing sand sculptures in the wind

It reminds me that winter is on its way. During those winter months the beaches change daily with the wind and tide, sand and rocks come and go.

My swim from Bar today is warm and sparkly, under an azure blue sky with a sea so barely moved by air it looks like slightly crumpled linen.

Take a tiny bit of time to observe the effects of Air and the beautiful and wild ways it can change our world. We all know it so well, it flows through our bodies every minute of our lives, it is so easily taken for granted.

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