A Blast of Bryher

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Today has the feeling of busyness and clock watching. Graham is away on the mainland looking at a potential bull for the farm. I have been delegated the task of a farm tour, my first one, and so my thoughts are preoccupied with this, the various other jobs that need doing, the children and an evening out with the Bryher ladies as we say a farewell to an islander. My mind feels scattered and hurried.

My swim is a quick dash to Great Par, where the evening sun is making a welcome appearance, and glinting brightly on the sea. As I jog in my flip flops and towel, down the road toward the beach, I am reminded of a brief conversation earlier on in the afternoon, with a visitor. She has been reading the blog and told me how wonderful it is to “have a blast of Bryher”. What a great way of describing how this magical island can make you feel.

It is an assault on the senses, whether it is the wind blowing in your face, the sun on your skin, the salty sea air or the oyster catchers calling. The brightness of the bluest of skies, the glassy green seas, the coldness of a wild swim or the warmth of the golden sand. Bryher, and indeed all of nature, has this amazing ability to stop you in your tracks and realign your mind. To bring your thoughts into focus and your mind to a state of calm.

I dive into the sparkling, crystal clear, green water. Each tiny stone, piece of floating seaweed and grain of sand is in brilliantly sharp focus. The sun is blindingly silver bright as it catches the sea in the west, the water a cooling green to the east. I quickly swim out to the second buoy, take a few dives down towards the seabed, momentarily captured in another world. I would stay longer to swim and play but time waits for no man, and reluctantly I head back to the shore.

Not a meditative swim but a definite blast of beautiful Bryher.

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