A Bright and Breezy Start

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

The first day back to school, Lizzie starts secondary and all three children wake early in anticipation of an exciting day.

Our children boat to school, the secondary children to St Mary’s and the primary the short hop to Tresco. Once all delivered to their boats I head off for a brisk walk, through Veronica Farm, past the community centre and then back down around Heathy. Autumn and winter are times when I can indulge in long walks, more writing and painting. As long as the animals are tended to and steady progress is made in clearing fields of nets and hoops, we can allow ourselves time to enjoy the island, the frantic summer coming to a close.

As I walk I can feel my body and mind absorbing the bright, crisp colours of sky, sea and moorland. The fresh cool, air seeps into every pore and I try to imagine capturing this fresh, invigorating feeling and storing it in a bottle for days that lack this autumnal magic.

The tide is just right for a swim with the seals. I have a friend staying and we can not resist a dip off Stony Porth where we know the seals will be.

There is a chilly north westerly breeze, not the biting air of winter but deffinatly fresh against the skin. A choppy sea of scudding, flurried dark steel meets us as we stumble down across the large granite pebbles. Over the dark line of spongy weed that has been rolled into a thick band along the tide line.

You can’t be frantic around seals. They force you willingly into a captured state of enchantment. You are compelled to think only of them, to watch only them.

Treading water we bob about, suspended in the water, staring into their deep, dark eyes. Your heart in your mouth as they pop their grey mottled heads above the surface, just feet away, blowing blasts of air from their nostrils.

A silent communication between swimmer and seal, until they disappear with an impressive splash.

We were lucky enough to have eight seals with us this morning, both of us bursting with excitement and wonder. What a way to start the day!

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