A Letter to A Friend

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Dear Nellie

Thank you for your concern for us in this strong wind, we are as you can tell absolutely fine. Indeed, it has been a tad breezy overnight and continues to be blowy today but we have clung tight to our little rock in the Atlantic and luckily haven’t sustained any damage.

The fudge stall at Veronica farm had blown over and some of the protective netting on the broccoli had been blown off in places, but we had battened down the doors on the poly tunnels and cold frames last night, lit the fire and hunkered down.

Today has been a bright and breezy day with the old April shower. Admittedly when those showers blow in they are sharp, squally and not very pleasant but in between these the sun shines brightly and the sea is awesome. Typical April I suppose.

I have spent most of the morning cleaning as its changeover day. The perfect antidote to this is a wild and all-encompassing swim. I could have gone down to Green bay which is sheltered and an entrancing turquoise colour, but instead I opted for the more invigorating Popplestones, where the wind is at its strongest.

The sparrows are back at Hell Bay hotel now, and several of the funny little brown birds hopped along in front of me as I walked past the hotel on my way to the beach. I could feel the strength of the wind increasing as I got closer to the coast and as I undressed I had to quickly pin all my clothes down with rocks to stop them blowing away.

The sea was so green! Great white, rolling waves were pounding into Scilly rock, Gweal and the rock base of Gweal Hill, sending arcing clouds of frothy spray high into the air. The bay in comparison was calm but still choppy and churning. The granite pebbles were rolling in and out along the shoreline as the waves swept up onto the gravely sand and it was a bit of a struggle to keep my footing as the sea swirled around my legs.

The swim was noisy and rough, there were so many bubbles frothing about it was like having bubble bath in the water. I lay on my back in the swell watching the waves rolling in and my feet bobbing up and down. I didn’t stay long though as it was very difficult to swim and without that movement it gets cold pretty quickly.

It was almost impossible to get my clothes back on in the wind and I didn’t bother with my trousers which I am sure made for a few odd looks from the people walking past me!

Hopefully when you come over in a few weeks’ time it will have calmed down a little and perhaps you could join me for a quick dip?

Cheerio for now, much love Ruth.

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