A Little Self Compasion

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

No swim today, earlier I was relieved now I am twitchy. The weather has been terrible, Storm Gareth I think they are calling this one. A howling, bitter wind, an oppressive mist and driving dampness that has chilled me to the bones. The grey, tumultuous sea is raging with great white horses reaching over Scilly rock and the coastline at Gweal. I think some self compassion is needed, stay safe and dry.

We spent the morning moving our ten North Devon cattle to a new grazing area. These gentle giants of ruby red and russet brown are always happy to move to fresh grass, and leap and play. Now hefted to the island these cows now know the routes they need to take. As calves are born they follow their mothers, grandmothers, aunties and siblings from pasture to pasture, along Bryhers small road and sandy tracks.

As they play and wander over the Popplestone bank, they seem to hardly notice the gale blowing harshly in from the sea, whilst we struggle to walk and battle with blowing coats and wooly hats over eyes. Despite the bleakness there are still flashes of spring colour to be found, nestled into banks and hedges. The deep purple of Hebe and bobbing bluebells sitting beside the pale yellow narcissi.

They say absence makes the heart grow stronger and I am missing the sea, so tomorrow I will be swimming…..whatever the weather!

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