A Multitude of Colours

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

April is our first really busy month of the year, where we could work dawn till dusk day after day if energy levels allowed. There are endless young plants to plant and seeds to sow. We dig and plant mostly by hand, and it is work that stiffens your shoulders and back, but the warm sun and fresh air are deliciously good. The sound of bird song, hum of a passing bee and the occasional aeroplane, boat or lawnmower, the children playing or a faraway baby’s cry are the only indications that another world exists outside of the farm.

My knees sink into the damp dark, sandy soil. Ants and tiny shiny beetles scurry around me. At this time of the year the vegetable fields look nice and neat, conforming to my ideals of tidiness. The young plants are fresh and uniform and the weeds haven’t taken a hold yet. The field edges are thick with wild leek and yellow oxalis.

Have you ever stopped to look at all the colours that surround you?

Today the colours of Bryher are joyous and alive as the sun and clear spring air bring such a brightness and clarity that the colours startle the eye. A hundred shades of green, from the deep, glossy, emerald green and olive and silvered pittisporum to the lime and aloe shades of the succulents, their tips edged with a fiery red. Pale green grey lichen, clinging to speckled grey granite. A lemon yellow dandelion sits next to the white powder puff seed heads of spent flowers. Wild geranium, of deep pink who’s stems are covered in a thousand tiny pink hairs, nestle next to the tall spires of deep blue and purple echium. Fuzzbuzz yellow and black furry bumble bees feed hungrily on them.

At Great Par the rainbow continues with the cornflower blue sky, the glassy green water, the pale golden sand a perfect combination of orange, yellow, white, grey and sparkle. Larger granite pebbles speckled silver, salmon pink, trout grey and mouse brown.

As I swim out towards the middle of the bay, the surface of the water is glittering silver and two shags are silhouettes on the black rocks. Below me a huge copper brown kelp unfurls its arms like the tentacles of a silent octopus. I spy a tiny sand coloured crab scuttling along, the seabed is so dazzling it reminds me of a disco ball, as the sunlight plays on the sand. In the shallows around the rocks a burgundy beadlet anenome with electric blue markings catches my eye.

What a wonderful world of colour we live in!

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