A Sunday Storm

Wet, wild, windy days like today are a pleasant relief at this time of the year, especially on a Sunday. It provides us with a slightly slower, cosier day. A chance for catching up on inside jobs or just spending some quiet time with the children. We try to make Sundays a family day during the summer, but this can be hard to achieve when there is a constant list of work to be done.

However, there are still the animals to feed, vegetables to pick and water come rain or shine, so out into the semi darkness we go, cumbersomely dressed in heavy waterproof clothing, wellies and hats. It will make coming in later, to be in the cosiness of the house, all the lovelier, knowing we have been out in the wild weather.

My swim is a wild one, it is as if winter has returned. The south easterly wind is harsh and strong. The rain sporadically lashes the island and the sea is a tumultuous green grey. Frothy, white rolling waves hurtle their way into Green Bay. A feeling of bubbling excitement grows in my chest and makes me smile, giggle and skip, (if only in my mind) as I strip off my towel and woolly jumper and wade into the swell. The waves lap up against my belly and cause a slight intake of breath before I can dive down and sink into the cool.

There is no clarity today, only hues of opaque green and gold, misted and grainy as the sand is stirred. Even as I dive down toward the seabed I cannot see, I touch the sand before it becomes visible.

The energy of the water is exhilarating and powerful, it is pure pleasure to be swept up into the bubbling swell, to swim through the walls of green waves that roll over me, to be at one with the noise, smell and feel of the water. I really cannot decide which I like best, a calm, clear, summer sea, or the wild, boisterous winter water. Maybe it is best not to try to compare and choose, but to except and enjoy each experience for what it is, and what it gives.

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