A Winter Storm for Ela

Thinking back to those long, hot summer days of endless blue skies and twinkling seas. They seem such a distant memory now as once again our little island is harshly beaten with another winter storm.

Long lost summer

Today it’s barely light at 8am and darkness never really leaves as the grey skies encase the day. Gusting winds of 60mph hurl the sea against the coast with relentless pounding fury.

Ela, a friend, commented during the summer on how the blog posts were always about calm blue seas. Well Ela, today’s swim and blog is just for you. Not a hint of blue twinkle in sight.

After feeding up the animals, stuffed up in coats, hat and scarf, I take a quick look at the sea down near the quay. Tumultuous waves are brown with silt and chopped weed, but they look inviting, exciting and fun. So I think to myself, yeah…why not?

I think I’ll give it ago

I even persuade Ruthie to join me. Taking a calculated risk, the waves and wind pushing us back towards the quay rather than away from it, we scramble out through the breakers. These waves try to unbalance us but with no luck. Once we are afloat we can swim out into clearer water and bounce our way around the little rocky headland.

The big waves are quite gentle really, lifting and swirling us like corks in the wash. We are swept, with very little effort on our behalf, around the end of the quay. Here the water builds in white water and spray to be flung over the concrete barrier standing in its way. Lobster pots are pinned up against the metal railings which prevent them being washed into the sea.

Rain and salt spray sting our faces like hail. Into the bay it is calmer and the sea’s surface beautifully textured with tiny glass beads and ripples as the rain hammers the grey water.

That cosy log fire is going to feel really good later on!

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