Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Today has felt like a wonderful balance of work and play, and it feels good. I am reminded of this feeling of balance by a great granite rock that seems to appear as if it has slipped down from the cliff edge and is balancing on a tiny granite stone beneath it.

As the evening light fades and turns to silver and a glaringly bright white, the glassy green sea at Great Par is rolling in deep and strong as high tide almost reaches the bank of rush, marran and the carpet of sea sandwort that covers the soft pale sand. The delicate tiny white flowers are dotted among the green, waxy petal-like leaves.

A little pale blue fishing boat, up from St Marys, has come in search of mullet. As the two fishermen cast out their nets along the arc of the bay, I watch, like a seal in the water. They are, as always, dressed in thick yellow oilskins and woolen hats. I wonder if these men of the sea ever wear anything else, as even in the high heat of summer they are dressed for the mid winter. They call to me and make a comment about how cold the water must be, I know they probably think I’m crazy, but I know better, the pleasure of the swim. Today it’s one of cool relaxation, an antidote to a busy day.

Before I leave this watery world, I look out towards the silver grey horizon, the many islands of rocks are dark silhouettes. Then my feet graze along the rippled sand and I make my way up the shoreline, the perfect end to the day.

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