This was the view from the farmhouse at 5:15 this morning. How do I describe to you that cool, silent air? Its like the world is awakening to the most beautiful of days. A layer of soft mist hovers above the land, and above that the sky is mauve and pale blue. The sun promises to arrive soon and burn it all away, but briefly I am captivated in a moment of magical time

The beach is mystical with the feel of an Arthurian legend to it. It doesn't take much imagination to picture a lady of the lake sinking into the glassy-clear water.

Ever so gently the sea laps and hisses along the gritty strand, the tide edging inland.

Gulls float in neither water or air, suspended in the haze.

As I look upward, the only indication that this is this moment in history, is the sight of a vapour trail from a currently rare plane.

Tiny ripples on the surface are as silent as my swim. The water doesn't catch the breath or pinch the skin. It is pleasant and silky-smooth.

I could have stayed in there all day, but time shifts on.

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