Changing Tides

I have been umming and ahhing over writing this blog for weeks now. Partly because we have been crazy busy on the farm with the usual planting and picking, but also a fair bit of weeding and tidying ready for our guest tomorrow, HRH Prince Charles. Yes, we were told not to worry about it, He is keen to see the farm as it is, and yes, we encourage areas of wilderness and weeds on the farm because of the incredible habitat for insects and birdlife that it provides, but I have still had that nagging urge to at least try to ensure the place looks reasonably tidy.

We are almost there. The veggie beds are tidy...mostly, the flowers looks wonderful, the grass is cut within an inch of its life and there should be a produce stall bursting with the fruits of our labours.

The other reason for my delay in knuckling down to write is the question of whether I am going to continue to write the blog. It maybe that it is a summer fatigue, but I am struggling to be inspired to write. After nearly three years of the blog I feel I may have exhausted the tales of my sea swimming adventures and Bryher life, and there are other stories I want to write but also never find time to get on with, so I feel that this will be the last blog post. Maybe not forever but certainly for the foreseeable future.

I am actually only allowing myself some time today to sit and write because it is so incredibly hot outside and I have sought the coolness of our almost subterranean office, that in winter is a freezing cold, grim little room.

It is so hot that even Graham got in the sea for a cool down, and for those of you that know him, you know he DOES NOT swim in the sea.

We both wondered down to Great Par, where the water and sand looked as though it could have been cut and pasted onto the view from the Caribbean. The sand burning hot to the feet and the relief of stepping into the water was blissful. We didn't swim for long, a quick paddle out around the little boats and back but it was enough to lower the body temperature just a little. I will head back down again for a last minute cool down before bedtime.

I have been lucky over the weekend to enjoy some longer swims, a chance to test the strength and stamina, and soak up the crystal clear water and summer sunshine.

Saturday we all set off for a mooch around Tresco, essentially and ice-cream stop and our first chance to get out in the punt as a family this year. The option of swimming across the channel was too good to miss, so I swam off from Hut 62 towards Apple tree Bay. The current was fairly strong, luckily heading in the right direction for me to meander down channel with it, and I watched the seaweed below me flow out like mermaids hair, or a paintbrush stroke, along the sandy seabed. All the way over I could see the bottom, the water is that clear at the moment, and I was slightly disappointed to reach Tresco and have to leave the water.

But as with everything there is a time and a place, and my time in the water was over and the need for ice-cream and happy children was greater.

So here it is, cheerio for now. Who knows, if something extraordinarily exciting happens I may pop a blog post up, but for now the blog will take a back seat whilst I try to write other stories of other island folk and times. Thank you for always reading xx

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