Wow what a difference a week makes. We are now all on lock down. Admittedly that has greater effects on some more than others. Being here on Bryher I very much feel like one of the lucky ones, where outside space is ample, the sea is on my doorstep and the size of our community is small enough to be able know and care for each other well.

The dictionary describes a community as simply a group of people that live in the same area or share simaler beliefs. However, during this COVID-19 crisis community is becoming to mean so much more and spread much further than just your immediate neighbours.

I admit a few blogs ago I was feeling cautious regarding the overwhelming effect that social media can have on your well being, and I still do feel that way. But I have also seen and felt how comforting and inspiring communities on social media can be. Communities of wild swimmers, artists, small business owners and writers all now trying to support each other through this difficult time. I suppose as always it comes down to balance.

This morning the beautiful dawn wrapped me in its embrace as the sun rose above the hills of Tresco. The warm light a tonic to the soul.

I had to resist a swim though as there is still plenty of work on the farm still needing to be done before home schooling begins. Lessons today have included art on the beach, foraging in the garden and a swim in the evening sun for P.E.

The girls and I slipped quickly into the cool water at Great Par, and with much shrieking and splashing I left them playing in the shallows whilst I swam further into the blue.

The sea has calmed and is regaining it's luminescent clarity, sunbeams ripple and dance over my body and the light filters down into the darker depths. It feels that summer is just around the corner.

The rocks of Merrick and Castle Bryher are dark against the twinkling sea. For this short time I forget the world's troubles. Just soaking up the freedom and beauty of the swim and the happy sound of the girls enjoying the water.

I hope that you have somewhere you can go, a view you can see, a memory in your mind that takes you to a beautiful place for those few minutes of escapism. Maybe that's within your immediate community, maybe through a blog or Instagram. Whatever it is, use it over the next few weeks to give yourself that little time out from the worries of the world. Big love to you all.

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