Creatures of the Sea

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Mesmerized me by creatures of the sea.

Summer on Scilly is busy for both it’s human and creature inhabitants. It’s a very social time as friends and guests come and go. Stories of the year past are told and relationships continued.

It’s lovely to see familiar faces and feel the love and appreciation they hold for Bryher. As I was chating to our newly arrived guests, we watched a slight mother sparrow taking her young offspring on a trip out and about. The fluffy, scruffy looking baby, noisy and demanding of its mother. She would hop a little, fly a little and the youngster would follow behind. Every now and then she would fly away and return with a tasty treat to reward the baby.

The farm is just teeming with wildlife. Swallows swoop and dart, teaching the young fledgling the art of aerial display. Bumble bees in their hundreds feed on the echiums and clover.

The sea is also beginning to burst with life, tiny sand coloured crab scuttle along the seabed. Shoals of small, darting silver fish hang around the seaweed, and today the jelly fish have arrived in great numbers.

I swam from Great Par, towards the north end of the long sweeping bay. The late afternoon is bright, fresh and breezy. The sun beams warmly on the skin and the sundancing sea twinkles.

It’s high tide and a noisy swell crashes onto the sand and granite of the shoreline, bringing with it deep purple jelly fish.

As I swim out, I find one. It’s seductive pulsing movement draws my eye to follow it. I float and watch as it’s soft, wobbly form moves gracefully through the green. It’s thin, thread-like tentacles drift in its wake.

The sunlight dances on the sand, I dive down and feel the drop in temperature as I reach the seabed. I look up toward the sky and the light is ethereal. Up I go as my lungs are bursting, the water warming again as I break the surface with a gasp. The swell buffets and swirls me and I keep my eyes peeled for more jellyfish, but until I reach nearer the shore I see none.

Mesmerized me by the green rolling sea, mesmerized me by the creatures of the sea.

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