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Updated: Mar 1, 2020

“When we come into being with something that touches our heart and connects with our soul, it is a natural human instinct to feel the urge to express this, whether it be through spoken or written word, movement, sketching, painting or making.” Sarah Samuel Mindful Crafting.

My new found joy in writing is inspired by the experiences I have when swimming in the wild waters surrounding Bryher and by the natural world around me on the farm. Writing for me is an outlet for creativity, and I feel a great calm and pleasure when sitting with my pen and notebook, either outside with the elements or snuggled up inside with a cuppa. It is leading me to meet new people, learn and read new things and except experiences that I otherwise wouldn’t have been open to.

As Martha and I reached Great Par a group of artists were sitting painting and sketching, each in their own creative world. It is not so much the finished product that is the important part of being creative, but the chance to be expressive and mindful of the process. So in the pursuit of the creative thread I have tried to ignore my ego and inner critic and have had a crack at a poem. I think the last poem I wrote was under duress at secondary school and I admit it doesn’t come naturally but it was fun to sit at Great Par today in the sunshine and have a go. It’s called “Blue”.

Blue, blue hazy sky

With soft pale wisps of white

No rain or thunder clouds are nigh

No shades of grey to spoil the light.

From way up high fades dark to pale

Shades of blue on horizon meet

Deep indigo sea where white gulls sail

Soaring, gliding, are gracefully fleet.

I swim and play in cool delight

Through the sea with carrageen brown

The magic changes for not a hint of blue insight

As once submerged only shades of green are found.

The clear glass water caresses sandy shore

Ever moving back and forth

Rolls in and out and in some more

We both sit and enjoy Great Porth.

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