Fun in The Sun

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

After the monsoon rains of the weekend, a welcome relief for humans and animals alike today as the sunshine and its radiant warmth has returned. It is as if the cold, biting wind and constant driving rain that we all endured yesterday never happened, the only clues are the puddles and saturated fields.

So it is with a lazy holiday feel that the girls and I meet with school friends as they enjoy a day trip to Bryher from St Marys. We walk down across Green Bay, playing in the soft golden sand with our toes, on our way to meet their boat.

After a picnic in the garden it’s down to Great Par for a swim and paddle. The bay is a deep blue, with sun glinting off the sea on the horizon. The roar of a ground swell out in the Atlantic gives a constant background sound of the sea and some small but steady waves rolling into the shore. As the children paddle and play in the rock pools, some in bathing costumes, some in their birthday suits, two of us head out for a swim.

There feels like a rise and roll as the swell of water moves around the bay and the watery horizon bobs high and low in my vision, we steadily crawl out into the middle of the bay, to the pink buoy. The visibility out there is pretty poor, the rocks down on the seabed towards the edge of the bay are barely visible and certainly no fish are to be spotted here. We are treated to a close up fly past of two beautiful oyster catchers, their pure white bellies flashing against the blue sea and brown granite rock stacks.

Back towards the shore the clarity of the water improves and I enjoy a little play, diving down among the waving forests of bladder wrack, sea lettuce and coral weed. There are a multitude of greens, browns and blues in this watery haven. As I spin and tumble turn I am surrounded by a mass of silver blue bubbles and the sun is dazzling above my head, momentarily turning my vision to a blurred golden haze. Out on the beach I sit, bare shouldered, basking in the sunshine, soaking up the heat on my chilled skin. Drinking a welcomed cup of tea made on a little camping stove. The children play and we chat and recall various swimming stories and adventures. We all feel so lucky to be able to live on these beautiful islands, to enjoy the natural pleasures they give us, and having the sunshine always adds that extra special sense of paradise.

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