I have spent most...actually all of today feeling a huge sense of gratitude for all the lovely experiences I've enjoyed today.

It first began with a bright moon hanging softly in the western sky. It always feels special to be caught in the light between night and day.

It's to the east that I walk, quietly down past Veronica Farm, under the dark canopy of the arching trees and out onto Green Bay. Here the mottled sky of dawn makes me stand and stare, enchanted.

Although the tide is high, the reason for this bays name is becoming obvious. All along the tide line and floating in the water, are flashes of bright lime-green seaweed. If you were to be here when the seabed was exposed, it would look like a carpet of green.

As I swim into the cold water the sea lettuce wraps itself around me. Infact it moulds itself like wet tissue paper to anything that it collides with.

My swim is invigorating yet peaceful, the best way to start the day.

Later, back at home, I impress myself in being able to fairly confidently attend a zoom group on the laptop.

One of the interesting silver linings of lock down has been the ability for me to access many more groups and experiences online that I wouldn't normally be able to attend.

Today I have reconnected with the lovely ladies from the writing retreat in a workshop about flash fiction. It was just like a mini retreat. I took sweet snacks and a cup of tea into one of the cottages and spent a delightful three hours playing with flash fiction. I can't tell you how much it lifted my spirits to engage with friendly faces from the "outside" world. If I ever had one aspect of mainland life that I miss it's the opportunity to access groups and workshops. I really hope that experiences such as today continues after lock down has been lifted so that I can keep in touch with mainland group work.

After lunch we all headed up to Gweal Hill for a breath of fresh air and a game of hide and seek. At the top of Gweal it can seem wild and barron, yet in this quite harsh landscape colour still flourishes.

Soft cushions of jolly pink sea thrift jostle in the wind and further down the path purple vetch, foxgloves and the twisting spindle-arms of honeysuckle grow through the gorse.

Finally, after watching the new calves play, Graham and I sit in the orchard. The bees are returning to their hives and a thrush sings us the most beautiful song. We spot a nest, fallen from the hedge, eggs long hatched and flown. It's a woven work of art, a natural wonder.

I sit and feel so thankful to have such simple but beautiful pleasures all around me. I hope your day has been a pleasure too, and if not today there will be days of gratitude to come.

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