Here Comes the Sun

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Calm, Calm, radiant sunshine fills the sky and warms the air, and its only 7:30…. what a day it’s going to be. We have been up since dawn and fed the animals, Martha and I are down at the quay waiting for the school boat, but we are early so she plays on the beach whilst I go for a quick swim.

The chug, chug, chug of a fishing boat is a pleasing sound as it sits alongside the quay, the fisherman, clad in yellow oilskins, loads up his lobster pots. The sun glints off the roofs over on Tresco.

The cool water is perfectly still like glass, and satiny smooth around my skin. Sun beams dance and ripple over the sandy seabed. The water is so clear I can pick out individual grains of sand. I swim out towards the channel, no current pulls me today, and I can just stay, suspended in the sea, my eyes at sea level, taking in this beautiful world. I tumble turn, effortlessly rolling through silver bubbles, bright blue and green colours. I can see Martha playing on the beach, investigating sand hopper burrows and flotsam and jetsam washed up.

Another fishing boat heads out to sea for a day’s work, more children arrive for the school boat so I must end my swim and say cheerio to Martha. It feels as if the world is awakening to a glorious day. I hope your day is glorious too.

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