Keeping Calm

It's been a funny old week. I feel a little as if I am being swept up into the tornado of a crazy world, or at least I am gripping tightly to a tree whilst the storm swirls around me.

My head is full of thoughts and worries about what the future may hold. I am struggling to sit and write or paint, all these thoughts smother any creativity.

Almost every business on Scilly is reliant on tourism and the anxiety regarding corona virus is becoming palpable. Not only that but the islands are so dependant on the mainland for food and supplies that rumours of "lock down" add fuel to the fires of fear.

Today I read a tiny comment by Gilly McArthur that cleared a little space in my head and loosened the knot in my stomach.

"In this world we are sold fear".

Personally I am not so much worried about the virus as I am about the reaction of panic.

It can be so easy to allow yourself to be drowned in a world of caution, anxiety and fear, so much so that we risk missing what beautiful things are happening in the present.

So with that thought in my head I figure I need a swim to start the day, if only to shock my mind into quiet by just being cold, concentrating on breathing and staying afloat.

I step out of the farmhouse door, the sky is an icy blue, the fresh breeze brushes across my skin as I wonder down the sandy track in my swimming costume, towel and robe.

The sun is just rising, peeking out behind the low clouds, edging them in a scorching orange glow.

It is big spring tides at the moment so the sea is lapping the very edges of the land, leaving no room for lazy golden beaches.

Behind me the moon is a fat orb of chalky white, almost hidden by the morning sky.

The sea a slick syrup of leaden light, as it rolls the granite pebbles ever smoother.

As I reach the water, it's icy fingers wrapping themselves around my legs, the sun breaks through and dapples the dark sea in gold.

I dive down, forcing silver bubbles of air through the gloomy water, instantly feeling invigorated and alive. All thoughts of anything else are lost in the swim, washed away by the high tide.

On my return walk home, I remind myself I just need to take life a day at a time, stay in the present. Remember that little things like enjoying a swim, the sun on my face, the warmth of a cuddle and the love of my family are what to focus on. Not a world of fear.

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