Monochrome Morning

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

At first light there is only silence and silver. The early morning mists drift in and the islands sink away. The air is damp and still.

I walk out to Droppy Nose at high tide and watch as six seals lounge and laze in the calm waters.

A large, white, three masted tall ship ghosts into the channel between St Mary’s and Samson, calling the souls of sailors past to join it.

The colours are monochrome, shades of grey seep into silver then fade to whiteness. There is tranquillity in abundance.

My swim from the quay is silky smooth, the water a clear, glass-like green. Not a breath of wind to disturb the water’s mirrored surface, no current to pull my limbs. A clean, gliding swim of pure delight.

As I reach the shallows I tumble turn and dive, causing silver efferesant bubbles to flow around me. If I could giggle underwater I would.

The light is breaking through the cloud with hints of blue and warmth of the day to come.

Another perfect morning on Bryher.

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