October Thoughts

Days shine shorter, ink skies rise, fog sinks and stills. Islands here, islands gone but there. Blushed apples cling to exhausted bough, crisp, curled leaves drop below to earth and death and life again.

Wind moans and rushes, roofs creak and clatter. Windows shut, drafts touch skin, soft blankets and fire make nest and shelter. Rain drops on glass pane distort fields and sky.

Sea is fury, wild, thrashing. Released from summer stillness, good behaviour forgotten. Now rebels, swirls free, alive and fierce. It has not thought for man nor beast, it is current in its state, never to exist this way again.

Man and beast react and watch, react and stare, react and comment;good or bad. Hear It, feel It, fight It, relent to this greater being.

Swimmer watches It, feels It, moves with It. Breathes deep the salted spray to cleanse lung and mind. Sinks to depth of weighted green, dark, crushing. Bouancy accends to light, silver, wind, sky and gasping air.

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