The grass is ankle deep and thick with dew. Morning light, pale and soft, soothes the air and mind. Great Par, that sweeping arc of gentle water, quietly shifts in and out. As I glance out towards the horizon rocks of Castle Bryher, Merrick and Maiden, my eye catches a white gap in the dark rock of Merrick.

I've never noticed it before, it's like a tiny window looking through to a pale world beyond; a little glimmer of light through the black, hard granite. For an unkown reason my heart sings a little at what that tiny world could be beyond the rock, how imaginative and magical.

My eyes and mind then readjust, seeing it again as something else. Of course, there is no window, as the gull lifts up and strikes out across the bay the other world has dissapeared.

I was shown a painting that the artist Banksy had done in his bathroom whilst on lockdown. It was fantastic. Rats running a muck over the toilet roll, toothpaste, mirror; such a clever image, you really could believe it was real.

Could this pandemic and the changes it has made to our lives bring about a change of perspective? It's something I have been thinking about a lot in the past few weeks. Certainly it is not a comfortable, stressfree experience, but in some ways I have found it comforting. Realising that I really value the relationships I have with family and friends. Understanding that the way I measure quality of life is not through money, the amount of possessions and holidays I can have, but that I can feel well and happy in the natural world around me.

It's made me think about how I might live in the future. Taking the boat rather than the plane, only buying from small independent crafts folk and local business and spending more time writing, painting and enjoying the small, beautiful things right before me. Wouldn't it be amazing if our species could use this pandemic as a pivot point for positive change, to alter our perspective for the good.

My swim today was early, whilst the world felt sleepy and calm. I could hear the seals seductively calling; an echoing, captivating howl. Twisted ropes of the most pretty coloured seaweed wrap themselves around the island.

Everything about the sea felt seductive. Cold and silky, all encompassing and magical.

I floated and sank, drifted and swam.

Just me and the sea. Simple joy and peacefulness which can be obtained without money. This beautiful, natural world is there for us all if we just appreciate it, love it and respect it and not ask too much in return.

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