Re-wilding Bryher

It has been all over the news, images of sheep on petrol station forecourts, wildlife becoming more tame and reclaiming some lost territory.

Even though Bryher is normally teaming with wildlife and the birds are curious and brave, I am noticing the presence of wildlife more than ever.

Yesterday we found a little wren had made her nest in the underside of our cattle trailer. Luckily we don't need to use the trailer until next spring.

This morning at 6:30 as I headed down for an early dip, I heard a scuffling noise in the bank edging the beach. Bird or rat maybe...but then out popped a black rabbit. We both held an intense but momentary stare before it bounded across the pebbles out of sight, far too quick for me to photograph. A pair of oyster catchers scurried to the waters edge away from me. I was intruding on their morning peace.

The early air felt almost damp, although the ground was dry. The scents of pollen, sap, bark and sea smelt deeper, richer and fresher. Infusing my lungs and making me feel a little heady. Hotntot fig flowers slept, tight-headed, waiting for the sunshine to awaken them.

Still, silk-like sea lay waiting for me. I mustn't keep it waiting too long, I thought to myself as the tide sank away.

So clear and motionless I could see the spiralling worm casts, tiny grains of sand and seaweed floating past.

A quiet, dreamy swim. The sea a pale lake-green, reflecting the padded-cloud sky.

After a morning of home schooling, we all took a stroll out towards Heathy and Droppy Nose Point.

The grassy paths that are normally kept short and smooth by the many boots that ramble along them, are growing wild and long.

May is such a colourful month on Bryher. Honeysuckle, vetch, hotntot, birdsfoot, bluebells, hogsweed and sea thrift line the paths and cover the hills.

I really get the feeling that without our human interferance it wouldn't be long before the wildlife took over completely.

I am but a tiny speck upon this wild and beautiful planet and must try hard not to forget it.

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