Summer Storm Blows Through

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Wind gusting 46mph, temp 18°c southerly.

To Rushy for a wild swim. The seed heads of hogweed, drying wild carrot and bracken, bob and dance, hurled this way and that in the gusty wind. Sharp eyed birds must be foraging on the first ripening blackberries as evidence of purple droppings lay on the sandy path.

The wind is warm on my face, my hair blows wildly and the towel flaps against my legs. In the distance the great rock of Mincarlo is being lost to a moving squall of sea and mist and rain. The skies darken and the sea becomes an iron grey and muddy green. Water slams against granite in dramatic foaming spray.

Heavy rain drops are blown hard against me and mottle the pale sand. The marram grasses of yellowing green are bent and bowed by the wind’s strength. It scratches my feet and shins as I walk through it toward the shoreline which today feels like a great life force of spuming foam and bubbles.

The sand shifts underfoot as each wave rolls in and drags out. As I become submerged in the swell I realise there is no point in trying to crawl or get my head in the water. The visibility is zero, just a churned up mix of seabed and chopped weed. I breast stroke out lifting and sinking in the grey waves. The noise of the water hisses and wooshes in my ears and sand and salt is driven into my mouth and found crunching through my teeth. Weed and sand finds its way through my swimming costume to prickle and irritate the skin.

I am sucked back and sent surging forward but never feel scared, just invigorated. I try a short swim across the bay but really it is more fun just to swirl and wash about within this great beast. My body is wrapped and entangled in long thin straps of thong weed as if I’ve been dressed in golden brown and green ribbon.

The rain begins to hammer hard against the surface adding yet another texture to the rippled, flurried water as thousands of silver droplets bounce and burst across the steely grey.

As the rain blows through a beam of sunlight dazzles the sea again with silver light. The white foam now crisp and brilliant against the emerald and turquoise sea. The magic of the sea is it’s ever changing state.

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