The Edge

It has been my perfect winter weather today. The skies have been mostly blue, the odd shower bringing with it a dazed drizzle-like grey. The afternoon sun a frosted ethereal orb. Yet the wind has been strong and harsh, driving the green sea into a frothy white fury. Sometimes I look at this mighty beast and wish to be it, the sea; completely free to hurl and smash itself, without pain, into the rocks in awesome beauty.

afternoon sun at Droppy Nose Point

A hot frustration to feel the wildness of the water made me avoid the calm of Quay. Instead I headed for Popplestones where I knew I could watch the Atlantic smash itself against the rocks whilst staying safe.

Watching the waves at Popplestone

However after a wonderful, face splattering swim, following the drift and swell of the water, getting out was not so easy.

I should have swum more to the centre of the bay, where instead of granite boulders there is sand. But I didn’t and a couple of large breakers swept in knocking me forward and off my feet.

I didn’t feel panic, what I felt was my soft, pale flesh grating along sand and granite. I had no choice but to go where the water sent me, it’s power too persuasive to argue with.

As the water sucked back, the ground beneath me sliding away, I dug in and clambered out, blood mixing with salt water as it ran from hands, legs and feet.

Maybe a little close to the edge of wildness but thrilling too. The cuts and bruises will heal quickly but the feeling of being in that wonderful wild water will live in my memories for much longer.

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