The Feel Good Factor

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

As humans we are hardwired to find the negative, to ensure our survival: we notice and react more strongly to negative experiences than to positive ones. (Nichols W. Blue Mind)

It is possible though to build more positivity into our lives by repeating positive experiences often, and always trying to find the positive in any situation. These experiences don’t have to be huge or life changing on their own, but can be building blocks to being happier.

Today has been another busy day of planting (920 broccoli plants!) making hoops, spud lifting, checking the bees and getting the ponies seen by the farrier. By the time the late afternoon sun is warming the incoming tide over the sand at Great Par, my feet are uncomfortably hot and cramped in my wellie boots. They long to be free of constraint and cool in the water.

Of course the sun is beautiful, the sea mesmerizingly green and clear and the creatures of the underwater world enchanting, but it is the simple pleasure of sinking my hot feet into the grainy sand, for them to be gently massaged by the thousands of tiny stones and to feel that first luxurious cool water flowing in and around my toes, my ankles and my shins, that fills my mind and senses.

Nichols tells us how he has

“a name for the human-water connection: Blue Mind, a mildly meditative state characterized by calm, peacefulness, unity and a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life in the moment. It is inspired by water and elements associated with water”. (Wallace J. Nichols Blue Mind 2014).

As I swim out into the bay, only in a few feet of that luscious water, I consciously stretch and wriggle my feet and toes, allowing total absorption and mindfulness in how good such a simple act can be. For those few moments I am experiencing those feelings of Blue Mind.

Here’s to that feel good factor and finding simple pleasures in daily life.

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