The wind in the cormorants wings

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Such a poetic and beautiful image, and one I can not take credit for. On my sundrenched wander back from my swim at Great Par this afternoon, I stopped to talk to visitors.

They asked how the water was, I said, utterly blissful. A liquid green like no other, full of dancing sunbeams. A cloudless blue sky above my head and luxuriously cool to wash away the hot dust of the day.

For several days now the seals have been singing, far out in the Norad rocks. Their song is a ghostly, haunting tune of eeiry beauty. It echoes across the sea and sandy bays and drifts throughout the island.

Simaler to a wolf howling or a siren of the sea luring young sailors to their deaths, the seals call to each other during mating season.

It is an enchanting, captivating sound and causes the heart to ache for the sea.

The visitor commented that he thought the sound was the wind in the cormorants wings. I’m not sure which image is more wistful or beautiful, the seals in love or the outstretched wings of a sunbathing cormorant as the wind plays through its wings.

Bryher truly is a fairy-tale isle, it captures your heart, lives in your soul. The waters ebb and flow. Little isle of Bryher, no lovelier place you’ll know.

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