To Tresco for Tea

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

This evenings swim is not one of great challenge, or triumph but one of easy swimming and pleasure.

On such a tiny island out in the Atlantic you can experience almost all weathers in one day. This morning started out wet, breezy and chilly. Grey and un-inspiring, not tempting me to go for an early swim, also it’s veggie box day so a small mountain of vegetables to pick and deliver to St Mary’s before the tide empties from the channel.

By the time the afternoon drifts towards evening the sun has been shining and it’s a warm, sultry summer’s evening. The tide is approaching high tide with the sea lapping across the top of the quay, deep, clear turquoise green water now summons me.

The work for the day is done, the children are happy and not arguing, which for half way through the summer holidays is a minor miracle, so we decide to take the boat to Tresco for tea. This of course presents the perfect opportunity for a cross channel swim.

I haven’t had a longish swim for a while and every cell and sinue is desperate to be in the water, stretching and pulling; breathing and moving through the cool fluid sea.

The swim doesn’t disappoint. There are very few yachts to worry about, no pull of strong current to battle with and the temperature of the water is perfect. Subtle colours of greens and blues please the eye and mind when looking below the surface, above the pale golden orb of evening sun turns the water’s surface to liquid pewter.

I quickly leave the coast of Bryher behind and into view comes the tall cylindrical castle of Cromwells perched on the cliff edge of Tresco.

All to soon the seabed rises toward me, rocks and seaweed replace the brilliant green water and my feet hit the pebbly shore of Tresco. A beautiful swim and a great way to work up an appetite for tea…so to the pub!

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