This is a time of year that holds more traditions than at any other time. Tradition; for good or bad, we seem to love them. On Bryher Christmas is a quiet time but still full of little family traditions and slowly, year on year we are building ours. Of còurse for me it must now include swimming.

My Christmas Eve swim began with a headlong dive into the icy-green bubbles.

Boxing day we now have a tradition in which we spend the morning building and sailing little boats on our field, (flooded in winter and renamed the lake). We meet neighbours with children and sail the boats with varying degrees of success but lots of fun.

Martha and Sam ready to set sail

In the afternoon before the daylight fades and we all snuggle in for another evening of board games, bingo and Christmas television; Ruthie, Justin, Jacob (not Ted pictured below) and I leap in for a refreshing dip.

It’s the perfect antidote to the feasting and lethargy of Christmas, which is wonderfully indulgent for a day or two but soon becomes stuffily stagnating.

It’s been great to watch this boxing day tradition on the news too. Thousands of people all over the country leaping into the sea. Everyone enjoying the thrill, fun and companionship of wild swimming.

I hope you’ve been able to enjoy the Christmas traditions that are special for you. To all you lovely folk who take the time to read my blog, thank you and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Love from Bryher

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