White Sun

A howling wind accompanied by heavy, sharp showers has been lashing the island all night and continues throughout the morning. Our small herd of Red Ruby cattle are currently grazing some of the heathland and cliff edges out around Droppy Nose Point and so we have the perfect excuse to walk out each morning to check them whilst taking in the stunning views and ever changing weather.

The western side of Bryher is standing steadfast against the relentless high tide as it crashes it’s way onto the rocks, clouds of white spray flying high into the grey skies. Graham and I draw our coats up around our ears and feel relieved to have made the decision to wear our waterproof trousers as the next shower pelts us with stinging horizontal rain.

As we walk around the point of Droppy Nose the wind shoves us along, the sea almost meets our feet and salty spray fills the air.

No swimming to the rocks of Merrick today, although part of me wishes to try. Sensibly though, I head around to Quay where the sea is much calmer and no one will worry about me.

Only a slight wave meets me as I plunge straight in off the quayside. Into a world of green and silver bubbles. For me it feels a tad safe, dare I say it boring, the water is cool but contented, no play in it today.

The light however is beautiful! As it is still early the sun is only just peeping above the monument over on Tresco, mostly covered by sporadic cloud the pale white light seeping out to reflect silver on the sea. However, as I swim back towards the shore, the sun now on my left, it emerges from behind the cloud cover to fill my world with glowing iridescent white light, a frosted, wintery sun. As I turn my head to breathe I need to close my eyes to avoid the fluorescent yellow snakes that burn themselves across my eyes.

Now the swim feels magical, now I feel that glow that early morning light combined with an early morning swim leaves you feeling.

The picture below was taken yesterday and although not the white light of today’s sun, I thought you might enjoy a golden glow instead.

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